Our Investment Philosophy

  • Investing should be aligned with your values and goals
  • Market timing and past performance are not indicators of future results
  • Structured asset class portfolios and systematic rebalancing are important elements of money management
  • Investors are often driven by their emotions which can lead to poor investment and financial decisions
  • A written financial plan may help take the emotion out of investing and align investment strategies with an investor’s long-term financial goals
  • Risk and return are related
  • Coordinated planning with other professionals is crucial to the overall success of your plan
  • Fee-based investment management in which an advisor charges an annual fee for assets under management rather than receiving a commission for each transaction tends to align the client’s and advisor’s values and goals

Help develop your investment philosophy:

  • We help clients address 5 Major Risks Confronting a Portfolio
  • We examine your values to align your risk tolerance and your investment strategies which might include portfolios that utilize a screening criteria for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibility
  • We employ a software program, Riskalyze, that we have found instrumental in objectively gauging an individual investor’s risk tolerance